Dali packaging design case display: Dali snow mountain qing liquor series (ii)




As the liquor category of Dali liquor industry, xueshan qing enjoys a certain popularity in the local area. It has always appeared in the vision of Dali consumers as a small glass bottle.Brand positioning is dominated by mass consumption, and the age of consumer groups is relatively high.In recent years, under the influence of the economic environment and the Internet, the original brand image and positioning cannot adapt to the market demand as consumers' consumption tastes gradually upgrade, so the upgrading of brand image is extremely urgent.Design strategy based on the comprehensive investigation of the market, both retained part of the original brand elements and combined with the new positioning design innovation, and also embodied as Dali cultural style and features of "wind, flowers, snow and moon" in the most intuitive visual display the snow-capped mountains of the brand connotation, make consumers on packaging alone snow-capped mountains can be felt by the qing Qiao wine inside cool glycol to arouse people's desire.